Tracking my order

So you can be aware at all times of the shipping process, will send you a series of emails informing you of your order status change:

1. accepted payment: The order has been registered in our system but our commercial yet not have visualized you.

2 submitted: Package has been collected in our warehouse by the transport agency and travel in direction to its final destination.You can do a proper tracking of your order if when you place the order you signed up as a client.If you are registered customer please click here to open your account.

If you placed the order as a guest and would like to know in that situation is, you can get in touch with us here.In any case, when the sent have sent you an email with the number of sent or tracking of the Agency. With this number and your postcode you can know exactly where this your order and when you will deliver.

Our transport agency is SEUR. This is your website.