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Spare parts dryer

The dryer is a household appliance that is used to dry the clothes after washing. Some of its constituents are: hinges, filter Grill, heaters, thermostats...

The filter is responsible for collecting lint from clothes, so it is convenient to keep it clean to achieve a better result.

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  • Dryer door hinge

    Way to know if your door hinge is damaged is if your dryer door is sagging mainly. Repair is very simple, no official service need.

    When in doubt, call us at 967 630 000 or send an inquiry to the expert.

  • Evacuation pumps

    Evacuation pumps are responsible for evacuating water from our clothes. It consists of a motor with rotating blades that are responsible for throwing water out of the appliance. If it is damaged, your clothes come out wet, since I would not properly perform their work.

    His main fault is that blades are obstructed or impeded.

    Call us at 967 630 000 or ask the expert If any doubt arises you.

  • Close door dryer

    The lever allows us to open and close our dryer properly.

    You can guide you to find your model here. If you have any problems please call 967 630 000.

  • Belt dryer

    When the dryer belt is broken does not allow the drum to rotate. Usually break a bad friction due to introduce too much weight in the drum.

    If you have any problems call us at 967 630 000 or just ask the expert.

  • Filter dryer rack

    Filter grids is responsible for collecting lint that clothes when dry. Over time the lint plug the airflow, making that operation of the dryer is not correct.

    If you have any questions call us at phone 967 630 000.

  • Board furniture

    Section where you can find various joints furniture we have for dryers.

    When in doubt, call us at 967 630 000 or contact us by clicking here.

  • Dryer controls

    The element that allows us to select the program suitable for our dryer is the remote programmer.

    Contact us If you have questions.

  • Electronic modules

    The device that handles electronic transactions for the dryer is the electronic module.

    If you have any questions call 967 630 000.

  • Engines and turbines

    The part that sends the force to operate the dryer tub is the engine.

    Contact us.

  • Drum dryer pulley

    The part that helps the bass drum to turn is the drum pulley. His main fault is the rupture of one of his arms, since it is in constant motion.

    Contact us by phone at the number 967 630 000 or online by clicking here.

  • Portarodamientos dryer

    In this section you will find the different types of portarodamientos dryer.

    967 630 000 telephone calls or get in touch with us if you have questions.

  • Doors together and pastes

    In this section you can find a variety of doors together and pastes for dryers.

    If you have any questions to find the model you need, you can call us at 967 630 000 or send an inquiry to the expert.

  • Dryer heating elements

    The resistance takes care of dry clothes through the heat. The most common fault is overload, but can also be a problem of the filter or belt.

    You can check your questions by calling us by phone at 967 630 000 number either by consulting our expert.

  • Switches and timers

    With the switches and timers you can choose the time or program you want for your clothes drying.

    Performs any questions in reference to the expert or by calling us at 967 630 000.

  • Dryer thermostats

    Thermostats are in charge of regulating the heat used during the drying process. Removed the clothes and discovers that it is still damp if you can because of a fault in the thermostat.

    You can have any questions to our expert or by calling 967 630 000.

  • Air evacuation tube

    Section dedicated to the different air ducts for evacuation.

    If you have any questions call us at 967 630 000 or ask the expert.

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